Monday, October 3, 2016

Shots fired - August 29, 2016

Hello Everyone

So this week was kinda blur, trying to get used to new people and a new area makes time go quick.

Umlazi is amazing, it also is a maze! the roads get so tiny and they have huge turns and tight corns it can be kinda crazy sometimes. also there are no speed limits, the only way they control speed is they have speed bumps all over which ca be super annoying. its so nice when you get on a road that doesn't have them.

The house here are crazy, they have tons of hills here and houses are everywhere and anywhere, if you could put a house there one is there. they build like miny ledges so you look u and there is a house above you only like maybe 10 feet back, its crazy. its hard to describe it even close to how it really looks.

Its crazy though, the ward here is huge, this Sunday we had 195 people there which was insane, I think it is the biggest ward in the mission. we have 4 missionaries for this one ward.

So Like I said Umlazi is kinda dangerous if you arent careful, luckily we have a member who comes ot with us every single day, its nice because he knows all the area like the back of his hand. his name is Lucky. but Like I was saying about danger you hear gunshots all the time so I keep a count of every time I hear one and right now it is up to 16 which is kinda crazy.

Besides that I don;t think there is anything else, I love the people here already, it's kinda crazy how quickly we start to love people here.

I hope you all have a great week love you all,

Elder Knutsen

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