Monday, October 10, 2016

Time Flies - October 10, 2016

Man time flies!

It's crazy that my first week with my new companion is already over, and its crazy that he goes home at the end of these 6 weeks so its really exciting for him.

So Tuesday this week we had to drive to Pine Town about 25 minutes away to swap companions, I dropped off Elder Chapo and picked up Elder Opiyo.

Wednesday wasn't to exciting, just helping my companion get used to the new area, its crazy I thought I didn't know Umlazi very well but once you start driving around you realize you know it better than you give yourself credit for.

Thursday we attended a funeral for a girl we were teaching, it was really sad because she was only 20 years old. her parents were super grateful that we came though ( they are not members). We were just glad to be able to support them in this difficult time.

the rest of the week wasn't too exciting except Sunday because we got to watch conference which was cool, everyone has to go to the chapel. we still actually haven't finished it we have Sunday afternoon and priesthood to watch still.

Today we did a little shopping but mostly just relaxed. we have to go to Durban a little later today because the guys who we live with car was being worked on so we have to take them to pick it up.

I think that's about everything, I love SA and I love being on mission!

Have a great week.

Elder Knutsen


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