Monday, October 3, 2016

6 months - Sept 26, 2016

It is so crazy that this friday I will have been on mission for 6 months!

Most of the time it seems like it is going pretty quick, Days kinda blur into one another, its crazy that this is the last week for this transfer so Saturday night I will be finding out if I am getting a new comp or a new area or if everything is staying the same. I really hope I get to stay in Umlazi, its such a great place.

Also I am getting fat, kinda crazy but I weighed myself back in august and I had gained 10 lbs since I had left home, I probably have gained more since then too because we get fed every single night except sundays and on some nights we get fed twice, the food here is so good though.

So this week was great though, on tuesday we painted at a gogo's house which took a good chunk out of our day but it was great to do that for here.

wednesday we didn't d anything to exciting, just had a busy day of apps

Thursday wasn't the best best because we had to go to town (Durban) and pick up our car, they were doing some work on it so they had us driving a different one this last week but then they wanted to switch back and came back to Umlazi right during rush hour so we got stuck in traffic for a bit.

Friday was a great day, we had some great lessons and got to meet with some amazing people, all the people are amazing but these ones were extra amazing, haha.

Saturday was super lame, so it was heritage day which is just a big cultural day were people have parties and such and our ward was supposed to have one but then Saturday morning our bishop cancelled it without telling alot of people so some people walked to our chapel and there was no activity which sucked and it was kinda embarrassing for us because we invited some people but bishop didn't tell us it was cancelled so we had to take the blame and say sorry to a lot of people.

Sunday was church and just more apps

today we went down to Amanzimtoti which is like 15 minuets south of us and went to the beach, it was super nice to walk on the sand and enjoy the sun, it was super windy though and so the sandy was flying around and blasting our legs, it was even a little painful but not enough to stop us from enjoying it.

I think that's about it. I'm excited for this next week and really hope its not my last in Umlazi.

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder K ( no one can say my last name here so I have become Elder K to everyone)

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