Monday, October 3, 2016

5 months down - Sept. 5, 2016

So this week went by super fast,

Monday we didn't do much besides email and relax.

Tuesday was crazy, so we went to go pick one of our members up who helps us teach and he was at this grocery store in the township, so we went and parked outside, all of a sudden about 50 feet to our left we hear gun shots and we see two guys with guns who shot this guy trying to steal from them, they only shot him in the leg though so we got out of our car and went over and watched for a bit. Nothing happened after he got shot but it was still crazy.

Wednesday we went to go pick him up again and this time while we drove there we saw a car get t boned which was also crazy, traffic lights are always out here so sometimes you pull out thinking someone will stop for you and treat it like a stop sign but 90% of the time the person going straight doesn't even stop which can be annoying.

besides that not to much happened, Saturday we played soccer for a couple hours which was fun.

The weather is hot here, way hotter than in Ladysmith but I am adjusting.

This area is awesome, the people are awesome, everything is awesome.

have a great week,

Elder Knutsen

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