Monday, October 24, 2016

6 1/2 months - October 17, 2016

So I can't think of any clever titles so I guess how long I've been on mission will have to suffice.

So this week was pretty boring for the most part.
Tuesday we didn't have anything special, just saw one of our prime investigators and she told us she had received an answer that the book of mormon was true which made us feel great, she is going to be baptized on Nov 13th so I'm super pumped for that.
Wednesday we had a zone training meeting in which we found out that we have a big zone conference in Durban tomorrow the 18th. also we got some new weekly goals from our mission President and they are pretty high.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday were kind ofthe same thing, just visited people and had fun talking and interacting with all these different people. the people are definitely the best part of mission, getting to know new people all the time and learning about them has been amazing.
Sunday we had church which was 4 hours long because we finished watching conference kind of, we still have to watch priesthood. sunday was also cool because it is 10 weeks from when we get to call home (christmas). I hadn't thought about it for a long time but it made me realize how long its been since I have seen my family, but the crazy thing is I didn't get home sick! I just was grateful for all the cool experiences I have been having that have been keeping us very busy.
Today we went to the beach down in Amanzimtoti. Its really cool because the waves are huge and when we go we are the only ones on the beach so we can just relax and take it in. it helps relieve all the stress we have. The ocean is one of the reasons i'm glad to be on the coast now.

Tomorrow we have a sweet meeting with a general authority which i'm pumped for, its gonna be great.
I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder K

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