Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 7, 2016

What a week! It feels like ive been here for so long! Just for those asking we havent watched sundays conference sessions yet. They were on at like 1 am so we have only watched saturdays sessions. We only have like ten computers that work and there are 16 missionaries so we all have to share. My companion's name is Elder Jonga. He is from East London SA. He is about 5 6 and 120 pounds. Hes a tiny guy but super awesome. I always thought I was a fast eater but he eats twice as much as me and twice as fast. The first day we were here we taught all the South africans how to play basketball. They all think im pretty good which isnt true but I wont tell them. I cant send any pictures until I leave the MTC. The internet is really bad here. The MTC is on the same grounds as a chapel, the regional CES services amd the Joburg mission president home. Its a pretty big compound. Everyone has fences and gates here, and i dont mean chain link fences. most of them are concrete walls that are 10 feet high with barbed wire on the top. Its crazy to see the difference here compared to Seattle. My district is awesome! It only took us like 3 days to have a great relationship. We are all like brothers after just one week. My district has just 6 elders in it and only 3 people in the whole MTC going to my mission. President and sister Ashton are awesome. they treat us just like their grandkids. They even said we are honorary "A" Team members. President is the son of an apostle. They are just like nana and papa back home. Sister Ashton even looks like nana. They love us so much. We went to the Joburg temple on tuesday. It is tiny! everything was on the same floor. It was my companions first time through so President, Sister Ashton, and I had to be his family. it was a special experince. we are going back next tuesday. I hope everyone has an awesome week! thanks for the emails. it was really exciting to read them all. Sorry if I dont reply to you we only have so much time.

love you all,

Elder Knutsen

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