Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 14, 2016

This week was one of the best and most frustrating  weeks of my life. Alot happened so ill try ti keep it in order. writing this email is like 1/100 of how bad/good this week was.

Thursday- we had pday, nothing to crazy happened today. played more basketball. 

Friday (the day of reckoning)- friday started out like a great day. my companion and I had one of our best practice lessons that morning and really felt like we were getting the hang of things. then the night came. we taught an ok lesson to our night investigator and when we were done the whole mtc (all 16 of us) got called to the big meeting room. President Ashton told us were we doing transfers. After only one week we all got transfered to different companions and some of us including me got switched districts. I kept my old companion but got another one. His name is elder Adlard. He is an 18 year old white guy. Hes pretty awesome. "Tell them Im super good looking" is what he just told me to say. Both my companions are awesome but getting switched districts/ teachers/ and rooms was tough. It has not been easy but I know it will make all of us more ready for the field.

Saturday-  Our brand new companionship could not teach a lesson to save our lives. our teacher who pretends to be an investigator stopped our lesson and just talked with us for for almost 45 minutes. that really helped our companionship. That night we had one of our best lessons.

Sundaysunday we watched alot of conference. we finished the sunday morning and afternoon sessions. those were some of the best talks i have ever heard Jeffery R Holland's talk was amazing. 

Monday- Our morning lesson we taught went ok but it defenitly had some problems. then our night time lesson came. that was the worst lesson I have ever heard or taught. all 3 of us taught 3 different lessons. It was not good and of course that was the lesson president sat in on. we talked with him for almost 30 minutes after. we had to figure out a way to teach in unity something that we hadnt done yet. it was so frustrating. we had to talk till about 11 pm that night. we really had to get to know each other and talk about what makes us tick. It was really needed. since thqat night our lessons have been way better. 

Tuesday-  It was another good day. we had some government officals from the country of cameroon come and check the MTC out. They were very impressed with us and the church will be able to keep getting visas for that country. President told us that them coming was very important so that we can keep sending missionaries to that country. because they came we were unable to go to the temple again. I wont be able to go again till i get home. It was frusterating to not be able to go but being able to get visas to cameroon is more important.

Wednesday- this was one of the best days ever. we got to go proselyting in soweto, the biggest township in the world. we got partnered up with a missionary who has been out in the field for a little bit. we were out for almost 3 hours but it felt like 5 minuets. people are so willing to talk to you. we meet this little old lady named Ana. all her grandchildren live with her because all her kids died within one year of one another. it was so sad. we started teaching and she started crying. we gave her a book of mormon and the missionaries in that area are going to come teach her. it was so nice to be able to tell her she will be able to live with her kids again. 

Thursday- finally back to the present. not much has happened today. Its 13:33 right now. we had to teach president today. I guess he was really impressed with how far we have come since he lasted heard us teaching. We all head out to the field on tuesday. The durban guys have to leave the mtc at 6 am. we have to take a flight down to durban to the mission home. we find out from there where we go. 

I wont have pday next week so the next time I write will be on monday the 25th. hope everyone is doing well.

love you all

Elder Knutsen

Elder Jonga and Elder Adlard

Johannesburg Temple

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