Monday, July 18, 2016

New Companion! July 18, 2016

Man this week was awesome!

Elder smith and I are getting along great! He did long jump in high school just like me and really loves basketball which is great. We just have alot of things in common and work really well together. I can already tell this transfer is gonna be great.
So this week we worked super hard and were able to find alot of people to start teaching the coming week which was great. Also we went and got Elder smith introduced to our members here. a couple of them pranked him which was pretty great haha. 
On Friday we came home and some how two birds had gotten stuck in our house so we had to figure out how to catch them and get them out. it took over an hour and it was so funny. I got a ton of video of us trying to get them but eventually one of the guys we live with from Mozambique got them. he literally grab them out of the air while they were flying! it was insane. 
Besides that nothing too eventful happened, we have some power investigators which is great and we are working super hard. Im excited to be in Ladysmith, it really is an awesome place!

Have a great week everyone, 
Elder Knutsen


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