Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Birthday America - July 4, 2016

Its crazy thats already the last week of the transfer, at this time next week I could be getting on a bus to go somewhere new or be picking a new companion up from the bus stop.

This week went by super fast because we went to Durban for a couple days, I really hope i get transferred there because it is to nice there. Its the middle of winter and we went to the beach and were walking around in shorts and t shirts because it is so warm. Its alot warmer than Ladysmith thats for sure. While we were there we met our new mission president. His name is President Thompson, he is super funny and nice. Im glad he is my mission president for the rest of my mission. I always forget to take pictures so I dont have a ton but I have some that dont really do it justice in how amazing it is. 

Besides going to Durban we didnt really do to much this week. Today we had to clean our house super well because people will come to check it out but as far as the rest of the day we dont have anything planned. We work hard each and everyday, its so much fun to interact with these people and be exposed to a new culture. oh I almost forgot on saturday I ate goat for the first time. Its a traditional food so you dont eat it super often but there was a party some members went to and they brought us back some. The skin is super hard to eat, you can hardly bite through it. the meat is really chewy though, kinda like gum. It doesnt really taste like anything I have ever had before. it makes you hands and mouth smell for a super long time though. even after you wash them it takes time for the smell to go away. it has a very distinct smell so you can tell if someone ate goat recently.

Thats really all that happened this week. It was weird to not be celebrating today, we wanted to buy some fireworks while we were in Durban but we didnt have time to look around. I hope everyone has a great week this week! I love you all.

Elder Knutsen


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