Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 4, 2016 - To Mom

Its crazy thats its already July, and that I have been out for 3 months now. Time certainly does fly! Just think, next time I call home Ill be 9 months and almost halfway done!

Its incredible here. Durban is amazing! When we went to the beach it felt like the middle of summer on a beach in California. they have huge piers on the beaches that you can walk way out over the ocean. It was cool to stand out on them and watch people surf and just enjoy the sun. I forgot to grab my camera when we went to the beach but it definitely wont be the last time im there so I will be able to get more pictures next time Im in Durban.
A good chance to send stuff would be asap. when the transfer ends the guys coming from Durban to "Outer Darkness" (anything out of Durban) bring packages and mail to missionaries out here.
Driving is crazy here. Taxis are insane. They arent little cabs either, they are like sprinter bus or Volkswagen bus sized. they carry like 15 people to a place for pretty cheap price, but the drivers are crazy. they follow absolutely no rules of the road. you would refuse to drive here because of them haha. They will just drive in front of you when you are stopped at a red light and people run red lights like crazy, so you have to watch when your light turns green to make sure no one is coming. It was a little crazy driving in Durban last week but it was fun. Im a way better driver now then I ever was back home. All the misisonaries get in trouble when they go home though because of the lack of rules here, so dont let me drive for a little bit when I get home haha. We have a rule that we dont go above 120 kmh or 70 mph. its sounds fast but when everyone around you is going 160kmh or 100 mph you are one of the slower drivers. Everything is going great here. I love it,

Im way more responsible than I ever was back home. having to budget money and make sure you always have food to eat can be quite hard sometimes but we make it work. I love you and hope you have a great week.

Love, Brett

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