Wednesday, July 6, 2016

June 13, 2016

Hi everyone,

This week was a great week. Everything just kinda went well. We didnt really do anything to different but things just went well. We have about 10 people we are teaching right now so we stay quite busy visiting them, less active members, and active members. this last week on thursday we went to Newcastle for a zone training meeting. its all ways a great time when you get 18 missionaries in the same room haha. after the training meeting we all went and got McDonalds. It was the first time I had eaten there in SA and I must say I have never enjoyed eating a burger that much. I honestly think it was the best fast food I have ever had haha. The weather this week has started to get very cold and rainy. I feel quite blessed that we are in a driving area and not a walking area. 95% of our mission is driving. we actually have the most cars out of any mission in the whole world. we only have about 5 places that dont have a car or truck. oh speaking of cars on the drive to Newcastle this week the rear bumper of our car just fell off. it was the craziest thing. we had to stop and throw it in the trunk of our car. so right now we are driving around without a bumper. it brings up quite alot of questions with the members haha. our car is just cursed because today we had to meeting the senior couple for some medical stuff and while we were at the doctor our car died. so Elder Hind had to start our car with Elder Raza and I pushing it. He taught me how to start it when the battery is dead also. I think with driving this much stick and learning how to do all these different things im starting to prefer manual over automatic. its funny because I just learned how to drive it about 9 weeks ago. oh how things change haha. Well I think thats about it. I hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Knutsen

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