Thursday, March 16, 2017

New Companion - February 13, 2017

So this week has been pretty good! I dropped Elder Agabu off at the mission home as he finished his mission this week. It was crazy to see him go because we are such good friends, but it's also crazy to think that about a year from now I will be where he was.
So my new companions name is Elder Parsons from Panama city, Florida. He is a super cool guy and he is my first companion younger than me. He is only 6 months on mission and it's kind of weird to be the senior companion now because I am actually in charge of us and what happens to us, so if anything goes wrong its my fault haha! But, we are getting a long super great because he is such a cool and funny guy! Oh, also he is a vegetarian which has been funny for members to get used to. It has resulted in me eating lots of meat people give him, which I'm not complaining about!
Molweni is such an awesome area, we have some pretty awesome people we are teaching and preparing to be baptized, we have a couple part member families who we are working on because full member families. it has given us a bunch of people to teach without having to do much finding which is great because a teaching missionary is a happy missionary.
So on Saturday we were trying to help our branch start home teaching because nobody does it, so we met with some members to go visit some less actives which actually resulted in one family coming to church the next day which was great!  We got there a little bit before the members so we were waiting a bit and me and my comp started playing Frisbee. Nobody has frisbees here - but he brought some from home - so anyways we are playing and some kids wander over and I call them over and we teach them how to throw and catch it. It was so much fun and entertaining to watch them haha. They asked us to let them borrow "the red disc that flies" it was so funny!
That was kinda the big things this week, nothing to crazy!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Knutsen

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