Thursday, February 9, 2017

Transfers - February 6, 2017

So this week was pretty boring except for the fact that we had 3 baptisms! It was super cool to have them, there were 3 young girls named, Amanda, Luyanda, and Nqoblie. I baptized all 3 of them and it was super nice because we have to drive to the Hillcrest chapel about 20 minutes from where we go to church, but they have the nicest chapel, and the font water was SO HOT. I wanted to just sit down and relax after I was finished baptizing them. I don't have pictures yet because the senior couple who attends church with us took all the photos for us.

This week was kind of slow because it was my companions last week on his mission so he was saying goodbye to lots of people and taking pictures. I'm excited to get my new companion on Wednesday - his name is Elder Parson, he is from the Florida USA. It's also cool because it will be the first time I will be older on my mission than my companion. I guess it means I'm finally getting old on mission being over 10 months.

Things are going well here, the work is going, we have tons of people to teach and people preparing to be baptized which is great.

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Knutsen

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