Monday, August 1, 2016

A wet week! August 1, 2016

So this week really wasn't to exciting, all we did was work super hard and smash all our goals for this week which was great. 
We have had huge storms all week also, tons of lightning and rain. we were teaching one lady in a little shack that couldn't have been any bigger than 10 feet by 8 feet with a 7 foot ceiling, it was made completely out of metal and while we were teaching her the storm picked up, like the sky just opened up and it POURED, hail lightning and rain. One of the biggest storms I've seen, so we are teaching her and with the house made out of metal it was quite loud with the hail pounding on it, we all had to sit right next to one another and yell almost as loud as we could just to hear one another. it was pretty funny. It gets alot colder here also than people think, most of the time its hot but in the winter (right now) it gets pretty cold. 
This week we are going to Durban on Wednesday and Thursday which I'm excited for. Durban is so nice to go to, the weather is always fantastic and when we are there we can go to McDonald's and get mcflurries instead of out here in Ladysmith all we have for fast food is KFC which gets old after it being the only thing you have for 4 months. 
Its crazy to me that I have been out for 4 months now, time goes so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was getting on the plane to head to Atlanta. there is a good chance I only have 3 more weeks in Ladysmith which would be sad because I love it here but everyone says once you get to your second area time only move faster. One of the guys I live with goes home in a couple weeks, I cant even imagine being at that point. it blows my mind to think that one day I will be the old guy in the mission.
That is still a long time away though, for now just have to keep going one day at a time, thats one thing I've learned big time, is to live in the moment. When you worry about what happened and whats to come it ruins the NOW which is the most important thing. So thats what I've been focusing on is to take it one day, hour, and minute at a time. live life to the fullest by getting everything you can get out of right now.
Hopefully someone enjoys my wise words of advise haha. Have a great week everyone, I love you all!
Elder Knutsen

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