Sunday, August 14, 2016

Missionary Vacation - August 9, 2016

So this week was as close to a vacation on mission as you can get.

On thursday we went to Durban for zone conference. zone conference is always fun because you get to see other missionaries and I was able to see Elder Jonga, my companion from the MTC. we had a great meeting and then we went back home, 

So for transport we took a big taxi down to Durban, taxis here are like big vans so we packed 15 missionaries into one and drove 3 hours to Durban in the morning and then 3 hours back that night. it was quite the experience. 

Then on Sunday we were invited to go to Dundee's ( a place about 45 minuets from ladysmith) Branch president's farm, now His farm is about 2.5 hours from dundee so that was another long car ride we got to take which was fantastic. we wanted to save on mileage so we put a couple guys in the bed of a bakkie (truck) and I drove that to the farm. it was so much fun there, words and the many pictures I took cannot describe it. it also looks nothing like a farm back home. It was so much fun though, it was kinda like a vacation but at the same time on Monday we worked for like 6 hours pouring concrete at their house. their house has a ton of stories also which I will tell everyone about when I get home but it is too hard to type them all out.

Besides all that we just had another week of hard work, Elder Smith and I are in a 3 some now with one of the missionaries who we live with because his companion just finished his two years and heads home now. The guy we are with now is named Elder Eastmond. he is a great guy who I have lived with since I started mission.

I dont think anything else really happened this week. just more teaching and the usual missionary stuff.

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Knutsen

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