Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Stake Conference - November 7, 2016


So this week was pretty awesome mostly because one of our investigators passed their baptismal interview this last Thursday! it was so exciting because I was one of the missionaries who found her so it is super cool to see someone you found progress all the way to baptism.

Also, this Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference, it was neat because we got a new stake President. Also stake conference is held here in Durban city hall which is this HUGE building, google it sometime. About an hour and half before the meeting started Sunday morning all the missionaries from Durban stake went to city hall and sang hymns and passed out pass along cards and copies of the book of mormon, it was super fun to be doing that with 20 other missionaries.

Besides those two major events nothing else really happened, we found some people who seem like they are ready for the gospel which is also super awesome.

OH, I just remembered a story I have to tell, so for what ever reason here people think that if you have a bad memory you have diabetes, no idea why they think that but they do, so this week I could remember where I put something and one of my companions said to me "maybe you have diabetes". it was the funniest thing ever, it may not be funny to you all but it was to me..... haha.

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder K

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